Regular maintenance cleaning of ceilings less then 10 years old will prolong the need of replacement or significant repairs for 5 to 7 years.

In the past, restaurants would typically go to the expense of painting or replacing their ceilings and walls to every 3 to 5 years. They did this because the ceilings and walls in the kitchen and dining areas become dirty over time and they look and smell dingy.  Today Ceiling Pro is keeping many restaurants kitchen and dining areas looking bright and clean while saving them a great deal of money.

Regular maintenance cleaning of newer ceilings ensure ceilings last their intended lifetime.

Cleaning & High Dusting

Ceilings of all types: Wall surfaces of all types:
Suspended/drop ceilings
Acoustic tile
Vinyl tile
Painted plaster/drywall
Blown-sprayed stucco
Metal pan
Cloth covered
Exposed rafters
High Ceilings
Ceiling vents and air diffusers
Ceiling lights and lens panels
FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)
Ceramic tile
Stainless steel appliances and fixtures
Washroom cubicles
Fireplace facades and hearths
Building exteriors (brick, block, cement)
Awnings (canvas and aluminum)
Industrial manufacturing interiors and exteriors
Computer/clean rooms


Grid Covering – Extends the life of older grid systems and gives them a new professional look. It eliminates the tremendous expense of replacing or painting grid systems. Grid Cover conceals rust, chips, gaps, and age on existing grid systems.

Don’t be fooled by low quality imitations of Grid Covers. Only Ceiling Pro grid covers are manufactured to ensure long life and are available exclusively through Ceiling Pro.

Acoustical Re-coat is a cost effective alternative to replacement. It is a scientific formula that restores acoustical tiles to their original form and beauty. It can be a much cheaper alternative to tiles that can no longer be cleaned.

Repairs and Maintenance – Because of our experience with a variety of surfaces our knowledgeable crews can complete minor or even major repairs to ceilings or ceiling components. Contact us to discuss any job!


Although we recommend replacement as a last resort,and provide cost effective high quality alternatives, we can accommodate customers who wish to replace their ceilings and install new ceilings or ceiling components.

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